6 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine's Day

6 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine's Day

Eleanor Büsing
Feb 14, 2015

Valentine's Day is here, so you're probably a) ignoring this ridiculous Hallmark holiday with all your might, or b) planning a celebration— be it a romantic evening a deux or a good time with friends. But why should people get all the fun? This year, consider showing a bit of love to your home too.

After all, your home is always there for you, and making it a happier, healthier place to be is really a gift to yourself, isn't it? Here are six ideas for celebrating your love for your home:

1. Bring it flowers.

Probably the simplest gift you can bring anybody (or, in this case, thing), ever. Flowers inject color and life into a room, and will make you smile each time you see them.

2. Buy it "jewelry."

You know why people love to receive jewelry? Because it's not strictly necessary— it feels like a luxury, an extra. Jewelry for the home is the fun additions to a room: a new piece of art, a vintage lamp, a quirky side table. Treat your home and watch its style quotient increase.

3. Fix or upgrade something.

Pick one thing that's annoying you about your home, and deal with it. From a squeaky door hinge to a wall in desperate need of a paint job, tackling a project gives satisfaction, and bonus— results in a prettier, better-functioning place to live.

4. But also, forgive its shortcomings.

Maybe you lack storage, or you hate your outdated bathroom. If moving or upgrading these things isn't an option right now, try to let go of them, as much as you can. Focusing on the positives and what you can change will make your relationship with your home all the sweeter.

5. Clean it.

I suppose this one is the equivalent of "quality time." Cleaning your home feels therapeutic, making you more appreciative of its strong points. Focus on an area you wouldn't catch in your regular tidy, such as cleaning the windows, or dusting all the baseboards. Then sit back and watch your home sparkle.

6. Fill it with people.

The best way to breathe life into a home is to enjoy it and make memories there. So why not make some this month— dust off the good china and have a dinner party, or just invite some friends round for pizza and a movie. You'll thank you later.

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