Ideas & DIYs for Organizing Incoming & Outgoing Mail

Ideas & DIYs for Organizing Incoming & Outgoing Mail

Tess Wilson
Feb 7, 2015

Mail: the light of my life and the bane of my existence. I adore receiving homemade cards, invitations, pretty catalogues, and paychecks, but I hate the explosion of to-be-dealt-with bills and confounding paperwork. Here are 6 ways to keep your checks in check...

1. DIY Room Decor: How To Make a Leather Mail Organizer
In an ideal world, each member of our household would have a dedicated spot for incoming, outgoing, and in-process mail, and these leather pouches would be really cool. My only concern would be that smaller cards would get lost/forgotten, so perhaps I need to make clear vinyl pouches— still just as cool-looking, right?

2. Mailbox from Cathy & Tony's Calm, Creative English Home
Bring the mailbox indoors— or, more importantly, keep the mail in a cage. Mail has a terrible habit of conquering every available horizontal surface, so it is crucial that it be contained. This one is cute and all, but perhaps barbed wire would help?

(Image credit: Kate Legere)

3. Entryway from Isobel's Inspiring Apartment + Work Space
Better yet, create indoor mailboxes for both incoming and outgoing mail. These baskets are large enough to handle catalogues, magazines, and packages, while maintaining a nice, neat appearance. And you can't help but notice already-watched Netflix discs when you grab your bag and keys.

4. Entryway Organizer How-To by Martha Stewart
This DIY mail holder won't handle packages, but it's great for keeping information and (flat) mail organized. You could pin up a list of key addresses, a calendar of when bills are due, invitations that require an RSVP, and even a book of stamps.

5. Family Check-In Station by Oh Joy!
Give each family member a command center so all mail is separate, yet together. A magnetic board holds incoming and outgoing mail, along with all of the ephemera of everyday life. Mail can be doled out the instant it's brought into the house, and if a member of the family is heading to the mailbox or post office, they can grab everyone's readied mail and packages.

6. Plexiglass-and-Pegboard Organizer by Martha Stewart
Keep mailing supplies at the ready- stamps, labels, tape, scissors, even all-purpose note cards and envelopes, like the blank sets from the $1 Spot at Target. With this DIY, you can create the perfect amount/sizes of containers for your correspondence needs.

How do you keep your mail situation from becoming that scene in the first Harry Potter movie?

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