Tiny Tweaks For Every Room (That Will Make Life a Little Better)

Tiny Tweaks For Every Room (That Will Make Life a Little Better)

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 28, 2015

We tend to think that big, long-lasting change in our lives involve big, overwhelming tasks that need tackling. In some cases, sure. But not always. In fact there are a handful of ways that you can make a tiny, subtle change that will have a huge effect on your life — making it just a little bit better than it was. We've picked out some tiny tweaks you could implement in every room of your house...see how your life might get better this year!

Living Room - A quick furniture rearrange

Try turning the furniture inward, towards itself, so that you create a room that focuses on conversation and connection, rather than television. Or if the furniture's in the only configuration it can go, consider disguising the television so it doesn't always look like the focal point, or moving it and using hardware that allows it to be moved into viewing place but folded back out of the way.

Entryway - Snacks on the go

Struggling with snacking healthier throughout the day when cravings hit, but never seem to manage to have good snacks with you? Don't tuck away your nuts and healthy treats in the pantry or leave your fruit rotting in a bowl on the countertop, instead have a tray or bowl of healthy snacks you can grab that you place on your landing strip in your entryway or on a piece of furniture right next to your front door. Whether granola or apples, you can grab them on your way out and have them with you the next time the urge to visit the vending machines hit.

Bedroom - An alarm makeover

Know what time you want to wake up in the morning? Use an app like sleepyti.me to calculate what time you'd need to go to bed, and then set an alarm for your bedtime. And then, if you still haven't yet, kick the smartphone off your nightstand (even out of the bedroom altogether) and install an alarm across the room that makes you get up to turn it off.

Bathroom - A visible array

Want to floss more regularly? Have a better skincare regimen? Don't tuck that stuff away into storage. Rather, take our advice for creating an attractive tray area that houses the stuff you need daily, either updating packaging to be more attractive or just focusing on styling the location. In any case, making that stuff visible will make it harder to ignore, and using something like a tray means you can still move it and hide it easily if you want to clear the surfaces for guests.

Kitchen - Function over form

Using the same idea with bathroom, consider making your spice rack more visible and appealing if it's not already. Or taking your knives out of the drawer and on to a knife block. Like walking into an outdoor market, getting to see all those colors and textures might remind you of your desire to want to cook more, and inspire you to find a recipe to play around with using some of those spices or tools.

Home office - Stand it up

You can make or buy a standing desk to place on your current regular seated desk to make a big difference in not spending so much time sitting during the day. And they don't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Dining Room - Use it

Like actually use it. For everyday eating where you focus on your food or connecting with your loved ones. For entertaining friends for a meal whether the rest of your home is perfect or not. Actually use it — don't just let it sit there looking pretty all year!

What small tweaks to your home have you made recently that have had big impacts on the rest of your life? Do you have any tweaks you're planning to make this year? Let us know!

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