Shush Up Ungracious Guests: Kickass Answers to Rude Questions

Shush Up Ungracious Guests: Kickass Answers to Rude Questions

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 18, 2015

Have you ever had a guest in your home ask a question — innocently naive or genuinely rude — that you didn't have an easy answer to? It can happen to any of us, and it can sometimes make for awkward gatherings and get togethers. Find here some answers you can keep in your back pocket to shut down even the most uncomfortable line of questioning.

"When will you finish decorating/moving in?"

A somewhat appropriate question if you've had your keys for a few days and there are boxes still around. A little awkward and hurtful if you're inviting someone over after spending your time and effort fixing up your place just the way you like it. Here's what you can say...

"My home is always evolving! But I love where it's at right now. How's your [home/work project/something you know they're not finished with] coming along?"

"Why on earth did you go with _________" or "Well that's very...interesting."

Ahh the perplexed-with-a-design-choice inquiry. Not everyone means it in a bad way — they're just genuinely curious. But most of the time you can tell by their tone whether they're implying that they think your design choices are ridiculous. Here's how to respond...

"I really love spaces that are totally unique and I think this look fits my personality perfectly. I've found that the folks who know me best think so as well."

"So when are you two getting married?"

Whether you've got plans for nuptials in the future or not, it's really not anyone's business. The next time someone starts bugging you and your partner (or making you feel guilty about living together before getting married), counter back with this:

"Oh wow, are you offering to pay for a wedding? That's so generous of you!" and then start prattling off a very long list of expensive/absurd dream wedding demands before they have time to explain they're definitely not offering to pay.

"Where's the future nursery going?" or "When are you two having kids?"

The not-so-subtle question (often by wanna-be grandparents) that both crosses the line and puts the people being asked uncomfortably on the spot. A great answer:

"Well we've designed our home to work just the way we need it to function right now, but we're certainly enjoying practicing." (Best delivered while putting your arm around your partner and smiling.)

"What do you mean I can't stay here?"

Feathers can really get ruffled when you aren't accepting overnight guests due to space (or patience) limitations. But while tempting, don't give reasons for why a friend or family member can't stay at your house; you don't owe anyone an explanation. Offer up instead a list of close-to-your-home hotels and make plans for when you'll meet them up for sightseeing and dinner.

What uncomfortable questions have you asked by ungracious guests...and what were your answers? Share in the comments below!

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