Germany is Standing Up for Men in the Bathroom

Germany is Standing Up for Men in the Bathroom

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 6, 2015

The downtrodden men of Germany won a hard-fought battle recently: the right to stand up to pee. You see, German health officials have been waging war against this messy habit while men keep fighting back against what they say is the "increasing domestication of men." Now, the courts have ruled: a Duesseldorf renter is entitled to the return of his entire security deposit, despite the uric acid damage to his unit's marble floor which happened, we can assume, because of his questionable aim in the bathroom.

This issue has actually been quite polarizing in Germany for some time. There are even names for each category of men, those who stand are stehpinklers versus those who sit, sitzpinklers. Restrooms throughout Germany post signs instructing men to be more sanitary and sit down.

But those who do decide to sit, the sitzpinklers, are also the subject of some ridicule. This 2004 Telegraph article says that that term has come to be synonymous for "wimp."

At least for now, it looks like the right to stand is there to stay. Renters rejoice.

Read more at The Atlantic.

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