Innocent Annoyances: How Do Neighbors & Passers-By Unwittingly Drive You Crazy?

Innocent Annoyances: How Do Neighbors & Passers-By Unwittingly Drive You Crazy?

Tess Wilson
Feb 12, 2015
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

After months of driving home from work on dark, winding country roads, brights a'blazin', I realized that on one particular turn, my headlights shine right into a little farmhouse. I felt so terrible! Not only do these nice people put up with an appalling lack of internet and Indian restaurants, they've got some city slicker shining her brights in their window every night.

I've been on the receiving end of these inadvertent annoyances, too, of course: in California, my apartment was near the stairwell, which was accessed by a loudly slamming door that most tenants didn't bother to actively close gently. When I lived in Colorado, my bedroom window overlooked the alley, meaning I was woken up by my neighbors bringing their recycling out at all hours, as well as the 4am recycling pick-up every week. When I lived in a studio in Oregon, my upstairs neighbor played video games for hours on end, with the sound on. Now, he kept the volume nice and low, but listening to the same theme song for hours will drive a person insane, no matter how nice and low the volume is!

Readers— what things do people in your neighborhood/building do that drive you crazy? Sometimes people are just outrageously inconsiderate, but often people are totally unaware that what they're doing disturbs your home. Or am I just naive?

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