How to Catch a Mouse
Nancy Mitchell
Feb 22, 2015
(Image credit: Kontur-vid/Shutterstock)

This little guy may look cute — but that doesn't mean you want him (or his little mouse buddies) in your house. If you happen to have a little furry visitor, you might be interested in this series of three videos from Apartment Therapy's archives. In it, Maxwell chronicles his attempts to rid his home of an especially devious mouse, and consults with plenty of other folks about the best ways to rid your home of these little pests.

Part 1: The adventure begins. Maxwell starts out using glue traps, but don't worry — no mice are harmed.

Part 2: The mouse is still at large. Time to explore some other strategies.

Part 3: The mouse problem is finally solved, in a completely bloodless way. Plus, Maxwell interviews plenty of New Yorkers, and finds plenty of different strategies for catching mice, and for keeping them out of your house to begin with. Our favorite?

Get a cat.

Thanks for watching, and happy mousing!

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