TV Star Style: Whose Wardrobe Would You Steal?

TV Star Style: Whose Wardrobe Would You Steal?

Tess Wilson
Feb 12, 2015

Deep Midwestern winter means that I'm spending all of my free time watching television and filling online shopping carts with clothes I'll never buy. Let's combine those two activities and shop from our favorite characters' wardrobes—whose closet would you happily move into?

We've discussed the Best Nostalgic TV Homes, The Real-Life Prices of Your Favorite Fictional NYC Apartments, Furniture & Interiors Inspired by TV Shows, and even TV show floorplans, so now it's time for TV wardrobes. Here are my five favorite fictional fashionistas. Please note, these are not just my votes for best-dressed, but the heroines—and perhaps a hero—whose clothes I would happily trade for all of mine.

1. Zoë Washburne, Firefly

Totally practical, durable, stain-resistant, battle-worthy clothes that can make one's spouse exclaim, "Have you seen what she wears?! Forget about it!"? That's a damn impressive wardrobe. It would certainly help to be the fiercely beautiful Gina Torres, but I think I can pull it off. Besides, denim, boots, and lots of leather are a perfect look for out here on the prairie.

2. Sookie St. James, Gilmore Girls

In her role as head chef of the Dragonfly and Independence inns, the lovely Melissa McCarthy rocked a seemingly never-ending selection of chef's coats, ranging from adorable to elegant, and nearly always accompanied by a sassy kerchief. I worked as a pastry assistant for three years, and though I loved my two identical grey Japanese chef coats, I deeply, deeply coveted Sookie's work wear...

...And her off-duty coats were generally gorgeous, too.

3. Lady Mary, Downton Abbey

I have an old-timey face and somewhat similar coloring to Michelle Dockery so I think her vintage wardrobe would suit me just fine...

...but she doesn't seem to own a lot of weightlifting and hiking gowns.

4. Leslie Knope, Parks & Recreation

Leslie's doesn't wear many/any to-die-for type pieces, but she consistently looks polished, professional, and adorable...

...and occasionally sophisticated with a hint of slutty.

5. Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

I just need a giant, gorgeous, goes-with-everything coat—it's really cold here, you guys... throw in the scarf, gloves, and John's jacket while you're at it!

Alright, your turn: which TV character's clothes do you covet the most?

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