Noise Keeping You Awake All Night? Read This

Noise Keeping You Awake All Night? Read This

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 30, 2015

If you're nodding off at your desk right now after another sleepless night in your noisy home then I have good news for you: it will get better.

As you may or may not know, Nancy is a new New Yorker and she's in the market for a new place. Since that's our speciality 'round here, we were recently sitting around the Apartment Therapy offices giving her our best New York real estate advice and remembering our own big-city traumas.

My biggest? Noise. Specifically, subway rumbling. I even wrote about my own horrific move to NYC. But here's the really good news: all those things I was complaining about frustrated with when I'd just arrived in town are no longer even on my radar.

I haven't moved. I still live over the A/C/E and it still rumbles by every 5-7 minutes, all night long, but do I notice? No! Even my overly-analytic, neurotic New York brain has learned to ignore this noise. Even better? It only took about three weeks before I'd acclimated enough to sleep peacefully all night. Three weeks! I've had milk in my fridge longer than that.

So hang in there, sleepy. You'll learn to ignore the noise and will be getting your full 40 winks in no time. Until then, get yourself some sleep solutions while you wait it out.

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